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Used to be there were only two ways to move: A full-service relocation with a big national carrier or a one-piece-at-a-time undertaking in the back of a friend’s pickup.

That’s not the case anymore. These days, there are PODS and U-Haul and freight companies that will let you pay by the foot for space on their trailers. There are companies that will pack for you, and there are retailers that will sell you the boxes. It’s an almost-dizzying array of options. Do-it-yourself options are so popular that even the government and the military will reimburse for DITY moves.

BrockStar knows that the moving industry has changed, and we’re new enough and flexible enough to change with it. In fact, seeing many customers’ needs for flexibility that big movers just aren’t willing to provide was one reason BrockStar was founded.

We want to make moving affordable and stress-free for as many people as possible in and near Muskegon and Western Michigan: College students moving away for the first time, single mothers with limited finances, senior citizens transitioning to assisted living, young families without relatives with trucks living nearby.

That’s why we will coordinate with you and provide only the services you absolutely want and need. Maybe you can’t spend days packing your possessions but you feel comfortable driving a rental truck. Perhaps you have plenty of time to pack but can’t stand the thought of a back-breaking day spent loading and unloading. Or it could be that you need help only with heavy appliances and furnishings.

BrockStar can build a package around whatever options and services you want. We can pack all or part of your home, we can load it one our truck or a rental or we can load or unload a rental. We can handle just the hard stuff – delicate items that need custom crating or hard-to-handle fixtures such as gun safes or hot tubs. We can budget based on services, or you can give us your budget and we can tell you what all we can do for that amount.

Whether you’re moving up the street in Grand Rapids, across town in Spring Lake or from Ludington to Holland, BrockStar can create the package that’s right for you. Call us at 231.744.9561 or contact us via our Web site to get started.

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