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BrockStar cannot keep your kids from bickering, your dog from barking or force the cable company to get your service hooked up any faster. But our professional movers can make every other aspect of  your long-distance relocation within Michigan as easy and as comfortable as possible.

From the initial estimate to the final unloading, BrockStar works with you in mind. We can set schedules based on your needs, and we can consider your special needs during the actual move. Do you have a delicate fish tank or a heavy pool table? We can handle it.

Though the costs of moves over 40 miles is heavy regulated in Michigan, you’ll still get more for your money from BrockStar. We’re a locally owned company without the overhead of some of the big national movers. We understand what it’s like to be on a budget, and we’ll help you stay on yours. We can provide full services, but we also offer affordable options. We can create the package that fits your needs and your finances.

Whichever route you go – full service or do-it-yourself – BrockStar will be able to give you a great idea from the start as to how much it’s going to cost. Our estimators have worked extensively in the field, so their predictions about time and cost are highly reliable.

With BrockStar there’s no waiting for your delivery. Your possessions won’t be held up while we fill the truck with someone else’s things, and you won’t have to wait over a weekend. We can deliver the day after we pickup, sometimes that very day, depending on the distance you move. You’ll have the same crew at pickup and delivery, so you won’t have to waste time explaining again things you’d already gone over when your house was packed.

Call us today at 231.744.9561 or contact us via our Web site to schedule an appointment so we can get started.

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