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You’re moving and you’re slammed. You need to find new schools, new doctors, change addresses, hook up utilities and … oh, what else? All you want is for some part of the process to be easy, for someone to show up with a magic wand and, with a flick of the wrist, instantly send you entire household from point A to point B.

Or maybe you’re running a business and you want to set up shop in a new location with minimal disruption – time is, after all, money, and why spend more time than you need to with your business shut down during a relocation? Don’t you wish you had a way to make that instantly happen?

At BrockStar Moving Service, we don’t have magic wands either, but from your end the move will be just about that easy. Whether you’re moving up the street in Grand Haven or Grand Rapids or from Muskegon to Holland, we’re ready to take away the stress.

We’ll come to your home or office and do a complete and thorough estimate both as to time and money. We’ll look for tricky areas that estimators who aren’t experienced in the field might miss, such as a kitchen full of glass that’s going to take a long time to back or a hot tub you’ll need to drain a day or two before the move. Our moving company work with you to design a schedule around your needs, one geared toward minimizing disruption in your old home and getting you established quickly in your new one.

Our professional movers will show up to pack fully equipped and ready to work, taking care with delicate items and carefully and clearly labeling boxes so you can find what you need quickly once you get to your new home. We can build custom crates if necessary to protect fragile goods.

We’ll load our truck with the same care, meticulously padding and protecting furniture and tables so that it arrives in the same condition it leaves. We’ll protect your walls and floors from dings, scratches and dirt, and we’ll clean up after ourselves. We’ll even clean up after you if you run out of time to dispose of debris or get rid of appliances or furniture not worth moving.

We’ll take just as much care of the other end, making sure all boxes go to the proper room and all furniture is reassembled and set up. See, wasn’t that easy?

To begin scheduling your full-service local move, call 231.744.9561 or contact us via our Web site. We can start easing your stress right away.

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