Labor Only

BrockStar Moving Service's Labor Team
BrockStar Moving Service's Labor Team

Ideal for customers who need a hand with a do-it-yourself move
A great option for those who need help moving
furniture around within their homes
A solution for businesses that occasionally need help
with big or bulky deliveries
Flexible scheduling, only a one hour minimun and even evening and weekend availability

Are you reflooring your house and need everything temporarily moved to another room? Has the nest finally emptied and you want to shift unused furniture to the basement? Perhaps you want to pack up unused dinnerware or excessive nick-knacks for storage. Or maybe you’ve rented the U-Haul for a (mostly) DIY move and need a little help unloading.

At BrockStar Moving Service, we handle requests like this all the time. There’s an advantage to hiring professional movers for work such as this. We’re accustomed to handling heavy or bulky items, and we know how to protect your home and your furnishings throughout the entire process. We have the equipment needed to do the job – hand trucks, dollies and tools. We come ready to work, and we do it efficiently, saving you money and letting you get the job out of your hair as quickly as possible.

Unlike many companies we won’t charge you for a minimum number of hours – literally, no job is too small – and we can help you on evenings and weekends if that’s what it takes to fit into your busy schedule. We often can handle last-minute, in case a roof leak or a pipe burst at your home forces you to shift your furniture around fast. If you’re a business with intermittent large loads, we can handle that as well.

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