Truck Loading


A great solution for those who need help with U-Haul, Ryder,
Penske or other rental trucks
BrockStar Moving Services can load, unload or even drive for you
We also can help with PODS, ABF trucks or storage units
Our experts can efficiently pack your load into the least amount of space necessary – at potential savings for you.

Sometimes you just want a little help with the heavy lifting. At BrockStar Moving Services, that’s no problem. We like to look at it as getting our daily workout in while we’re at work.

As with all of our professional moving services, you have options. We can load our truck, your truck or a rental truck if you’re doing a Do It Yourself or military DITY move. We can unload your truck coming in from another destination. We can pack PODS or trailers for other companies to haul. We can even drive your rental truck to or from Muskegon and surrounding areas in Western Michigan – Spring Lake, Whitehall, Grand Haven, Holland and beyond.

There are advantages beyond avoiding sore, strained muscles to having professionals load your belongings. Through years of experience, our movers have learned how to arrange furniture, appliances and boxes to optimize every inch of space. This skill is crucial if you’re trying to fit everything into a rental truck or want to conserve space – and cut costs – in a trailer.

There’s more to it, of course, than making everything fit. We have the materials and equipment to load your possessions and protect them at the same time, ensuring that all your familiar things make it to your new home.

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