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Muskegon Piano guys moving services - BrockStar Moving

From gun safes to pianos to fish tanks to hot tubs, no item is too heavy or delicate for BrockStar to handle
BrockStar’s professionals can custom pack and crate sensitive items for the ultimate in protection
We can pick up from retailers and delivery to your home or business
Our flexible hours let you pick a time that works for you

Sometimes a load is too much to handle or a chore too time-consuming to squeeze in between your normal everyday hustle and hurry. That’s when you call the professionals at BrockStar Moving Service. We’re experts at handling bulky or sensitive items, and we’re available when you need us to be.

We’ve moved many heavy gun safes, hot tubs and fire-proof cabinets for people living in Muskegon and nearby counties in Western Michigan. We’ll move mowers and motorcycles. We’re skilled at handling hefty items made from granite, marble, slate and more. We know the proper techniques, and the setup of your home is no problem. Upstairs, into basements, to or from garages – no problem and no extra charge for stairs. We’ll protect your walls and your floors, as well as the item we’re moving, the entire time. We’ll even deliver big or big-ticket items for business or individuals, picking your new gun safe, furniture, inventory and more from retailers.

We also have experience at moving delicate pieces such as grandfather clocks and pianos, ranging from player pianos to uprights to a baby grands. We can move them within homes or to a new address. We can build custom wooden crates for fragile pieces items that need that extra protection. Fish tanks, glass table tops, antiques – if you’re worried about it, you can be assured that we’ll take extra care.

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Our movers have even delivered fully decorated Christmas trees.